New Updates Of WhatsApp For Android & Ios

New Updates Of WhatsApp For Android & Ios

WhatsApp is a free cross-platform messaging app owned by the Facebook network .It allows the users to sent text, and voice messages along to users can sent document file, anaudio file and video file. Users may also make free audio and video calls.

Recently WhatsApp has updated few new features for beta users on Android & Ios

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New updates of whatsapp for android and ios

# Consecutive voice messages

The new update has arrived for WhatsApp, One of its main features is that now the Whatsapp users can read consecutive voice messages. After this update app will play the lined up voice messages automatically, users don't want to tap play button for lined upvoice messages.

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# Profile picture download option disabled

In the beta version update of WhatsApp, last month has disabled the option for downloading profile picture, due to some privacy issues they comes up with this update. This has been updated for both the Android & Ios users.

# Forwarding Info

Due to some fake messages forwarding WhatsApp introduces forwarding label last year, to identify fake forwarding messages. To improve this WhatsApp introduced new feature now users can find how many times the message has been forwarded in the option "INFO".This update is now available only for Android users.

#New group invitation update

Privacy on group invitation also updated, this may help the users being added to the groups.

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