Panipat full hd movie download in hindi

Panipat full hd movie download in hindi

Film: Panipat

Artist: Arjun Kapoor, Kriti Sanon, Sanjay Dutt, Mohnish Behl

Director: Ashutosh Gowarikar

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Panipat full hd movie download

Marathas have been a big name in the history of India. We have all heard stories from Chhatrapati Shivaji to Peshwa Bajirao, but director Ashutosh Gowariker has etched the story of another Maratha warrior, Sadashiv Rao Bhau, and must say that he has a very good thinking.


This story is about the third battle fought between the Marathas and the Afghans on 14 January 1761. In this battle, Sadashiv Rao Bhau fought a war with Ahmed Shah Abdali, one of the most feared Afghan emperors of the time, and this war was so tremendous that Abdali also admired the bravery and tenacity of the Marathas.

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How is the performance?

Arjun Kapoor has played the role of Sadashiv Bhau in the film and his work is Kaabil-e-Praise. Arjun Kapoor is playing the role of a brave warrior and despite this, he is seen as a very humble person. His anger, his humility and his patriotism are worth seeing, as well as his romance with Kriti Sanon.

Kriti Sanon plays Sadashiv Rao Bhau's wife Parvati Bai in this film. Vaidya Parvati, the wife of a Raj Vaidya and a skilled Raj herself, has loved Sadashiva since childhood and supports Sadashiva at every turn on fulfillment of her desire to marry him. Kriti Sanon is very beautiful in this film. His look, his style and his acting are amazing. Kriti is good in every scene and her love for Arjun Kapoor's character Sadashiv is worth watching. Not only this, his participation in the war is also very interesting.

Along with this, the chemistry of Kriti Sanon and Arjun Kapoor is beautiful. Seeing the song filmed on both of them, Sapna Hai is true, you will be lost in another world.

Now let's talk about the villain Ahmed Shah Abdali of the film. Sanjay Dutt has done amazingly in the character of Abdali. Seeing his look, you will remember Ranveer Singh's Khilji once, but there is nothing like Khilji in Sanjay's Abdali. He is a different character of his own, which Sanjay Dutt has played in his different and beautiful way.

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Abdali is no less than an animal and does not spare anyone who comes in his way, but when he encounters Sadashiv Bhau, he comes to know a new thing. Apart from Sanjay Dutt, Mantra has also done a great job in the role of Najib. Along with this, actors Sahil Salathia, Mohnish Bahl, Padmini Kolhapure, Zeenat Aman, Vinita Mahesh, Nawab Shah, Gashmir Mahajani, Suhasini Mule and Abhishek Nigam have played their characters well.

Along with the lead starcast of this film, the supporting starcast is very strong and this is what makes this film great.


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Director Ashutosh Gowariker once again proved what he is known for. Ashutosh's way of showing India's history is very different and he has done a great job this time too. From the story of the film, the work of the actors, cinematography, action and even emotional sequences and romance are all good.

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You will see the magic of Ashutosh's direction in every frame of this film. The sets are very beautiful. Although VFX was strange at some places. Because it is Ashutosh Gowariker's film, then it also becomes long. The film has a first half slow and is also very long, which takes a test of your patience. In the second half, the film picks up speed and you are fully charged. This film is about 3 hours, which could have been a little shorter.

The music of the film is given by Ajay Atul and it is very good. Along with this, the background score of the film is also amazing.

So if you are interested in good performance, good music and the history of the country, then definitely see Panipat. You will not be disappointed.

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