Simple Tricks To Increase Mobile Signal Strength

Simple Tricks To Increase Mobile Signal Strength

In our daily life people used mostly mobiles like calling,Sms,Searching etc..Firstly mobile has a network then people used easily manner. Now a days mobile signal is not come properly because of the so many reasons for low signal,poor reception etc..

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Increase mobile signal strength

1.) Switch from 3G to 2G:

If low signal strength is there in particular area you can boost signal converting 3G to 2G.we have to improve signals for making calls , sms etc. Switching 2G can give more signal than the 3G.

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2.) Glass Tumbler:

In some areas the mobile signal is very low at that time we use glass tumbers. Just put your phone in tumbler you are likely to find some signal on your phone. If not much come high signal but atleast there is a signal to make a phone call.

3.) Install boosters:

Actually the signals are not yet come properly to pass through the walls, buildings .so there comes under low signal in order to improve signal a booster is there which amplify mobile signal and retransmit the areas that receive little signal. Here the signal boosters is also known as antenna.

This is the way where will comes under low signal the above steps will better to you.So, this is less an issue as signal strength is driven by coverage to better user experience is available capacity on the network.

Finally this tricks can help you find better signal when stuck in areas with low connectivity.

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