What is a Faug game, when is a Faug game going to release

Indian action game Faug of Indian company Encore Games made headlines after PUBG Mobile was banned. Know how long the release and other important details from the game. know how long the release and other important details from the game.

What is a Faug game, when is a Faug game going to release?
What is faug game

Know all about Faug game :

This Indian company is going to come up with a new action game for the players playing PUBG Mobile i.e. Battle Royal game, let us know that the game is in the works for the last several months.

What does FAU-G mean, how long will this action game release, how long has the game been working, what are the other projects of Encore games and what will be the first episode of the game, we will give you information about all these today.

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Full form of FAUG game :

Many people will be troubled by the question that after all FAU: G is the full meaning of this, then for the information of people, please tell us that the full name of this game is Fearless And United: Guards.

The game was considered alternative since PUBG was banned, but Vishal Gondal told a conversation with The Indian Express that the action game would not compete with PUBG.

Releasing date of faug game :

This question remains in everyone's mind, how long will this desi game, which has come in the headlines since PUBG Mobile, be launched. Indian Game Development Company According to Vishal Gondal, co-founder of Encore Games, the action game is currently in the pipeline and the company will release it in October.

When start to developing faug game :

Vishal Gondal has also told that the team is working on a Faug game from May-June 2020. It has been revealed that the game will be released by the end of October but the exact date has not been revealed yet.

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Faug game first episode release :

Vishal Gondal has shared some details about the faug game such that the first episode of this action game will be based on Galvan Valley. Through this game, the player will not only be entertained but he will also learn about the sacrifices of the soldiers.

Recall that there was a confrontation between Indian and Chinese soldiers in the Galvan Valley in June. 20% of net revenue from this game will be given to Veer Trust of India.


Vishal Gondal is to release three games soon, along with two other co-founders of Encore Games Dayanadhi MG and Ganesh Hegde. One of them is a shooting game named Fauji, the other will be a cricket game and the third will be a music game, what will be the names of these games, the matter is yet to be revealed.

By the time the other two games of Encore are released, they are not thinking that the music game will be released by the end of this month, while the cricket game will be released around the IPL start date.

Writer : Vipul Rathod

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